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Our Services

Analysis & feasibility

We can carry out analysis of your site’s requirements and produce a report to help you make informed investment decisions, using your last year’s energy consumption.

Pilot projects & Demos

We’re looking for pilot projects to demonstrate benefits from demand reduction, improvements to energy management, renewables and local energy trading.

Local Energy Trading

We’ll help identify other buildings and energy users on the South Bank with a different usage profile, to open up trading at times of peak demand.

Energy management & Renewables

We’ll look at how to implement straightforward improvements to lighting and other systems and how to motivate staff to get the best from them. We’ll also look at cost-effective renewable energy, such as PV.

Battery storage & EVs

We’ll help you evaluate the feasibility and impact of battery storage and smarter electric vehicle charging including savings and revenues from shifting energy use to cheaper periods.

Heating & cooling

With innovations like district heating, heat pumps or heat recovery from waste heat, we’ll help you decide how to future-proof your heating & cooling strategy.

Why us?

We got the tools

Using your historical energy consumption data, we can carry out analytics quickly to come back with recommendations.

Certified Experience

Our partnership has experience in large infrastructure projects, low-cost sensors, data analytics, energy trading, certified energy engineers, measurement & verification experts.

Competitive Pricing

Through local energy trading & energy management powered by industry leading smart technology platform for data analytics.

Performance guarantees

We help future proof your energy costs and monitor to make sure your assets work efficiently.


Part-funded by UK government to develop the local energy market in London South-bank, also working with Mayor of London’s FLEXLONDON programme.

Great Support

We are glad to be supported by Energy Systems Catapult, ELEXON, Innovate UK , local councils and industry experts.

Bankable energy assets on London’s South Bank

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