New Power highlights BankEnergi’s Innovation

BankEnergi has been singled out as one of the projects to watch that are funded by the Government’s Prospering from the Energy Revolution (PFER) initiative. New Power, in its May 2019 edition, notes that getting new smart energy projects out of the starting gate and crossing the gulf between research & development and commercial rollout has been very difficult. However, with the establishment of the PFER project as part of the Government’s wider Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, a handful of projects – including BankEnergi – are seeking to do just this through targeted innovation.

BankEnergi is creating bankable energy assets on London’s South Bank, creating a local energy marketplace, and balancing building and electric vehicle power demands with grid availability.

New Power is the respected specialist report for participants in the move from a centralised high-carbon energy system to one that will provide heat and power securely, affordably and with minimal carbon dioxide emissions.

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