BankEnergi – Phase II Progress

Following the successful completion of the first phase of the BankEnergi project funded through PfER, the team is continuing to refine the BankEnergi concept.

Its main activities include:

  • Gaining further insights into demand patterns and opportunities for flexibility from energy asset owners on London’s South Bank;
  • Developing links with local network operators (DNOs) across the UK;
  • Scoping the parameters for an end-to-end energy trading platform;
  • Participating actively in industry initiatives, such as the Elexon P379 working group looking at how multiple suppliers could be serviced through a single electricity meter;
  • Integrating heat networks further into the BankEnergi use cases, to optimise flexibility gains from heating and cooling;
  • Learning from international experience in markets such as Norway and New Zealand;
  • Strengthening the BankEnergi team by introducing new partners;
  • Identifying public and private funding opportunities to facilitate further development work.
Heating & cooling on a rooftop

Rooftop mounted heating and cooling systems often offer opportunities to modulate demand and provide flexibility.