Creating a local energy market in the London Southbank

BankEnergi brings together national experts with local organisations to create a local energy market on the London South Bank.  Part funded by the UK Government’s InnovateUK programme, the project will identify ways of reducing energy demand, generating local energy, and improving local air quality.  We’ll also set up a local balancing mechanism unit to help grid system operators manage their demand and supply profiles more accurately.  Crucially these should enable local bodies to save up to 20% from their fuel bills through smarter use of energy assets and a local energy trading scheme.

This is only the start of the journey. BankEnergi hopes to bring more partners on board as the community grows, so everyone can reap the benefits of a smarter energy system.

Main Partners


Consortio is the lead partner in the BankEnergi consortium.  Led by Rajvant Nijjhar, it is responsible for project coordination, integration of themes, risk management, and the commercial model.

Consortio was established in 2004 and has a total management and partnership approach to the delivery of energy and sustainability projects in the built environment; be it new build, or a refurbishment.  Consortio can help  develop the most cost effective energy and sustainability solution for developments, creating a positive difference to the places in which we live, work and play – to make them more sustainable, to minimise the consumption of non-green forms of energy and to reduce carbon footprints.

Building Sustainability Services

Building Sustainability Services (BSSL), led by George Bartley, is responsible for data analysis and mobility studies within the BankEnergi consortium, as well as contributing to trading and supply.

BSSL work with a wide range of organisations engaged in targeted energy reduction projects.

BSSL’s skills include energy data collection and analysis; the transformation of existing estates to low carbon; energy visualisation and energy management including behaviour change projects; energy data modelling/analysis leading to business case preparation and case-studies; and training individuals.

Bouygues Energies & Services

Bouygues Energies & Services bring knowledge of the two buildings in the pilot phase of the BankEnergi project.  They also bring experience in microgeneration and power studies.

Bouygues Energies & Services (BES) are a global leader in energy, digital and industrial transformation, and a subsidiary of the French Bouygues construction group.  As well as being experts in facilities management, they have worked with public finance initiative to implement energy improvements, notably in schools, universities and hospitals.  BES are also market leaders in battery storage solutions, solar PV (farms or roof-mounted), smart energy grids and district heat.

qbots energy

QBots energy, led by Vijay Natarajan and Li Yao, brings in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence to the consortium, and will focus on smart systems, smart buildings and the trading platform.

QBots focus is on treating energy as a service for businesses, leading to lower energy costs by optimising building assets in response to the energy markets.  Their mission is to build and operate Federated Power Plants that aggregate and utilise flexibility in consumer demand along with renewables & battery storage to enable localised trading and balancing, for building smart energy systems of the future.

Qbots AI powers two levels of prediction and control; one at the site level and one at the network level. The AI model on-site enables buildings to respond to notifications from the electricity grid to shift their electricity demand & use battery storage, while maintaining thermal comfort for its tenants and any constraints.

London South Bank Unversity

London South Bank University (LSBU) are one of two academic partners, but also bring practical experience to the project.  Their involvement in BankEnergi is spearheaded by Graeme Maidment, Professor of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration and their focus is on heating and cooling and balancing networks.  LSBU will also bring opportunities to look at heat recovery from the Underground network.

LSBU are an enterprising civic university that addresses real world challenges. Their research creates new knowledge with practical applications, helping to find solutions to global issues.

The Centre for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Research undertakes research into refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump technology, with the aim of minimising the environmental impact and carbon emissions associated with RACHP through improved skills, knowledge, technology and applications.

South Bank Employers Group

Craig Hurring of the South Bank Employers Group (SBEG) performs a key role in BankEnergi, bringing together the technical experts with businesses and other organisations based in the area. It will also help identify key stakeholders for future expansion of the project.

South Bank Employers’ Group is a unique partnership of eighteen of the major organisations in South Bank, Waterloo and Blackfriars with a long-term commitment to improving the everyday experience of the area for employees, visitors and residents alike.

Over the past 25 years, its creative partnerships and effective delivery have helped transform a bleak and hostile area into one of the most exciting destinations in the UK. But there is still more to be done. SBEG is dedicated to delivering public realm, marketing and employment projects which will continue to have real impact on the area and ensure its future at the heart of London.

Would you like to join us?

If you are based on the South Bank in London, and would like to work with us, then please contact us by email or by completing the form on the contact page.  We’d love to hear from you!

Why BankEnergi?

We have the tools

Using your historical energy consumption data, we can carry out analytics quickly to come back with recommendations.

Certified Experience

Our partnership has experience in large infrastructure projects, low-cost sensors, data analytics, energy trading, certified energy engineers, measurement & verification experts.

Competitive Pricing

Through local energy trading & energy management powered by industry leading smart technology platform for data analytics.

Performance Guarantee

We help future proof your energy costs and monitor to make sure your assets work efficiently.


Part-funded by UK government to develop the local energy market in London South-bank, also working with Mayor of London’s FLEXLONDON programme.

Great Support

We are glad to be supported by Energy Systems Catapult, ELEXON, InnovateUK, local councils and industry experts.

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