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Simon Hughes supports BankEnergi ideals

At a workshop sharing progress on the BankEnergi project, speakers – including Simon Hughes, Chancellor of London South Bank University – outlined how local energy systems can improve air quality, lower bills for organisations in the area, and help foster community engagement.

The BankEnergi Vision: Energy Storage

BankEnergi has a vision that businesses and residents on the South Bank will be able to achieve bankable energy and carbon savings through a combination of demand management, energy storage, renewables and peer to peer trading. So where does Energy Storage fit in the merit order?

ULEZ area includes South Bank

The entire area covered by the the BankEnergi project lies inside the new Ultra Low Emission Zone.  So it’s not surprising that BankEnergi can help you with strategic actions that will reduce the effects of the ULEZ, both now and after its intended expansion in 2021. 

BankEnergi – working with system operators

The BankEnergi project will be working with its local Distribution Network Operator to ensure that it strengthens the local distribution system, and does not create additional stresses as the area moves to a lower carbon future. We’ve a video from WPD that shows how DNO roles are changing.