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About service

Our trading portal enables you to access our trading systems and the markets that we’re connected into.

In the initial stages of the trading and optimisation process, we charge a percentage commission on the revenue received after costs.

Once you progress and become a channel partner, our trading fees can drop right down to as low as 5% making us the most competitive trading platform.

What does this give me?

Market integration, alerts, and revenue generation

Market Integration

Our trading platform provides access to local and national markets. When trading, we will look across local markets first, then national markets secondary. It’s the combined strength of our networks and assets under management that give you optimised revenues.


When trading live, we will agree with you the times your asset will need to be made available. This agreement is flexible depending on your constraints (e.g. weather is likely to be hot and you need your air conditioning) and the availability of your assets. 

Live Dashboard

Your live dashboard will provide a report of the savings, revenues and carbon saved.

If you would like more details on data decisions that supported our trading, we also offer a service on third party data services.

Certified Training Online

We’re bringing some exciting new Certified online training courses to help you understand the energy markets better. We aim to empower you to become a value channel partner.

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