Path to Net Zero

When it comes to finding your way, you don’t have to be in the dark

Using our whole systems modelling approach, we provide practical advice based on your goals to reach net zero.

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Navigating the road to Net Zero can be fraught, as there are so many considerations to factor in. The disparity between gas and electric prices means that good intentions could even lead to increased operational costs by switching to electricity only.

We’ve found that using specialised ‘what if’ scenarios can help navigate the best commercial and carbon options for your strategy and Net Zero plans. We will put together a report that outlines these options for you and provide support in reducing operational costs through energy and flexibility trading.

What does this give me?

The best way forward


Understand your potential pathway to Net Zero under different scenarios. This could be achieving 40% Net Zero by 2030, or even 100%. 

Understanding what renewables need to be installed on an hourly basis will support this journey. We are one of a handful of companies that have access to the Pathfinder Licence. This tool provides exactly that and we can do this across a portfolio of your sites. 


Make decisions on ‘what if scenarios’. The Pathfinder tool supports on decision-making for investment. We will work with you to decide what level of revenue can be generated from energy and flexibility trading, based upon where your assets are located. 


Once a decision to move forward has been made, then we will support on the financing of new assets. This includes finding funding and developing the commercial models.  


The final stage in the journey is to report on the planned carbon savings and to verify that the savings were actually made. This baselining process uses the best in class experts in measurement and verification in the UK and internationally.

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