Our Services

Analysis & Feasibility

Using your energy consumption data, we can carry out analysis of your site’s requirements and produce a report to help you make informed investment decisions.  Should you go for greater efficiency, renewables, storage or all three?

Local Energy Trading

We’ll help identify other buildings and energy users on the South Bank with a different usage profile, to find opportunities for local energy trading at times of peak demand.  We’ll see how these match investment opportunities in storage and demand management.

Pilot projects & Demos

Can you run a pilot project?  We’re looking for sites able to come on the BankEnergi journey from data collection through first-rate energy management, targeted investment and local energy trading to a low-cost low-carbon outcome.

Energy management & Renewables

We’ll help you optimise your energy usage based on the cost of energy at different times of the day, and maximise the use of on-site solar & other generation assets.  We’ll also work with you to keep consumption to a minimum!

Heating & Cooling

Heating & cooling are the largest users of energy on the South Bank.  We’ll assess upgrade options, improving local air quality, using techniques such as heat recovery and thermal storage.

Battery storage & Electric Vehicles

Evaluate the feasibility and impact of battery storage , smarter Electric vehicle charging including savings for site, revenues from energy markets along with payback period.