Heating & Cooling

We know how important it is to keep your premises at the right temperature – staff, customers, visitors, patients, students all expect the right conditions.  You know that heating & cooling is most likely the largest part of your energy bills (and your carbon footprint).  So how can it be cut without compromising comfort?

It’s no longer just about the hardware – boilers, radiators, air handling units.  They’re still important, and switching from old boilers to new heat pumps may improve efficiency and local air quality.  Modern controls can better match temperatures to occupants’ actual needs – where, when and how warm they need to be.  But adding intelligence may also allow heat or cool to be stored from times of low cost to times of high demand.


As well as more obvious changes – boilers, heat pumps, controls, we’re thinking outside the box at BankEnergi. Are there sources of heat that have been overlooked?  The Underground has a problem getting rid of waste heat – what if we put the intake for an ASHP by a ventilation shaft, or wrapped ground source collectors around the tunnels in a braking zone?  And although there have been trials of boreholes at the Royal Festival Hall and open loop collectors to obtain heat from the Thames, we think that more could be done.

Cooling (and HVAC)

In many modern offices cooling uses more energy than heating.  We’re looking at ways in which cooling systems can be modified to intelligently use cheaper rate energy, storing “coolth” in thermal stores, and allowing organisations to manage peak demand for energy.