Why BankEnergi

BankEnergi is the easy way to help you make money and save carbon by participating in the UK energy markets.

We can identify which markets will work for you, and whether you can use existing energy assets, or will benefit from adding renewable energy, like PV, or battery storage. We provide the tools and support to guide you through this process.


Who we are

The BankEnergi vision and concept was created by Rajvant Nijjhar, CEO. Rajvant and a dedicated team of professionals then developed the concept further, creating an open layer data platform connecting to the UK energy markets. BankEnergi’s creation was assisted by funding support from the UK Government under Innovate UK.

As experts in the field, we soon realised that the complexity of the UK energy markets was making it almost impossible for energy asset owners to access and trade surplus energy. So many opportunities for carbon savings and financial gains were being lost.

To solve this problem,
we created BankEnergi

Simplifying the process so that you can rest in the knowledge that your energy needs are taken of, and that your sites are well-managed, while we make you money in the background.

About BankEnergi


Our vision is to enable ordinary asset owners and producers of energy to access the UK energy markets.

Our refreshing approach empowers you to trade in several markets. We take the hard work out of it, leaving you with optimised asset use and maximized revenues.

We welcome partnering opportunities from aggregators and traders who would like to explore the potential of combining other assets to maximise revenues.

Get in touch with us

We’re standing by to discuss your energy saving,
money making potential and to empower you to
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