Optimisation and Trading Enabled

Monitor, control, and trade

The first step in energy trading is to connect the monitoring equipment that will allow us to send signals to your asset when it is trading. We will evaluate the additional controls needed at your site as part of our services, and this cost will become a one-off that is incorporated into the net returns on trading. We do not hold you to costly annual subscription fees in an era where saving money, saving carbon and making money is important.

About service

This service enables you to confirm the assets that you wish to trade. Depending on the energy assets available, you’ll be able to go from set-up, to monitoring, to trading. Please watch our short tutorial on the landing page.

What does this give me?

Choose the Net Zero Pathway for you. How much do you want to decarbonise by?

Using existing assets

Our site survey will assess the energy consuming assets available such as Air Source Heat Pumps, refrigeration plant, heating and cooling, Air Handling units that are non-critical to your building function. We then determine the run-rate and recovery times for flexible events. Based on your desired decarbonsation journey (is it 40%? 60%? or 100%?) we set you a trading strategy. 

Optional Service

If your assets are not large enough to trade, we offer an optional service under our Path to Net Zero report. This can identify the size of any new assets, such as battery storage or Solar PV, that can supplement your trading potential.

Your desired Pathway to Net Zero

We understand that a key driver is to decarbonise and that may mean purchasing new equipmnet such as battery energy storage, Electric Vehicles, Solar PV and other renewables. 

This will be factored into energy and flexibility trading so that you can decarbonise and pay the capital costs back from the revenues earned. 

This will help to acheive your desired goals of percentage decarbonisation over time.


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